Firstly, I would like to inform that Loanwise is 100% GENUINE. Secondly, I have take their services and honestly their advice and services are very helpful, I would recommend Loanwise if anyone is going through a hardship, difficulty, financial Crisis with their Credit Cards and Personal loans.Thirdly, the financial consultant from loanwise Mr Dhruv who is currently helping me has been 100% professional, available whenever in doubt or need any clarity to handle any harassment issue, and has been great advocate in helping me settle the loan. Lastly, I would like to say if you are mentally stressed and harassed by recovery agents, 1000 of call believe me there is always help and guidance that you can take from Loanwise.

Paul D

Hi Nidhi, I am really happy with your Support and bz of u I can manage my all card and loan together. Loan settlement team is very helping and they are always ready to help u. Great service, good team and having nice experience regarding settlement I have done one settlement and other 3 are pending. Hopefully with your support I’ll be again enjoy my debt free life. All the very best to the team.


I was being harassed by recovery agents for the last 5 months and then Loansettlement came to the rescue! Their program is the best solution to get out of heavy debt and I am really thankful to them that they saved me from going bankrupt.


I am really thankful to Loansettlement.com for helping me to settle my personal loans. I never knew that it was possible! I had almost given up and reconciled to my fate that I will be considered a defaulter for the rest of my life. In less than 18 months, I am now debt free.


Good Team, I am really thankful to loan settlement team, I have settled two bank credit card other card is in process.


Thank you for solving my loan default problem. I can't imagine how I would have solved it on my own. Working with you was a great relief!


My special thanks to Samreen for helping me out and negotiated with lender bank HDFC, got the amount as much possible to low. Kudos for regular follow up and getting this amount settled within the committed timeline along with the NOC letter in place….!!! Awesome you Rock!